Professional Conference Organisers 


Our partner relationships with PCOs are something that have grown organically over the past 10 years, through client recommendation and venue introductions.

We have been lucky enough to work with a range of superb PCOs, and have then gone on to work with them across different venues for many of their client’s events. 

Importantly we understand that as a PCO, you have a client, and we need to surpass their expectations as well as yours. When working for a PCO we are aware that what we produce impacts on how successful that PCO will be at retaining that contract for future events.

Our aim is that through forging partnerships we can offer PCOs a reliable and consistent level of services, as well as industry knowledge and expertise.

What Warwick Event Services offers to our Partner PCOs


We based our proposals on having a good understanding of an events aims and parameters, and so rather than simple quote for an equipment list, we are invested in the success of the overall event. We love to work face to face, and will come and see our Partner PCOs whenever possible, to get the best understanding of what they need.

Our clients invest a lot of time providing us with a brief, discussing their event and forging a relationship with us. We don’t want this investment to be lost by having a different AM come back to client each week with only half of the story, as we feel consistency is vital for progress. We aim to keep one point of contact in the loop throughout the planning and delivery process, to then follow up with an after event debrief.


Venue Knowledge:

Through our Partner Venues program we have established a number of fantastic relationships with venues across the UK. Our experience working in these means we understand the delivery logistics of access, rigging, electrical distribution, and how their operational teams want external contractors to operate within their venues.


Multiple services from one supplier:

Having all AV & Technical and exhibition equipment in house, we are able to work with PCOs to design and supply multiple elements of an event. We regularly facilitate full conferences, alongside exhibition zones and breakout networking spaces within a venue. We have worked to have the majority of our equipment in house, with only specialist items hired from our industry partners. This allows us to be certain of the standards when used to produce your event.


Long standing relationships, reassurance and trust:

By working with our Partner PCOs across multiple events, we are able to understand how they operate, how they work to deadlines, and how best we can support them to deliver for their clients.

We know that consistency is vistal for PCOs suppliers, and we aim to demonstrate then when working with a PCO over a number of projects. We also ensure that we are flexible to different client’s requirements, timelines and budgets.

Our aim is to ensure you as a PCO have full confidence when contracting Warwick Event Services for your client’s event.


Production Services

-Venue Site Visits

-CAD scale floor plans and layout concepts

-Stage set visuals

-Venue liaison on in house technical facilities, rigging and electrical distribution


We offer a range of commission options, depending on the event type and size, to ensure offers maximum benefit to our Partner PCOs.

Supporting Services: Making PCOs lists shorter not longer!

Working across the UK, we are a very mobile team, and so always take the opportunity to attend client meetings and site visits, as we feel there is a huge advance in meeting face to face. We are also very happy to liaise wit venues and clients if requested, keeping you updated of all progress.


Welcoming feedback to grow and improve

We ask all of our Partner PCOs for feedback, which we feel is absolutely vital for us to be able to improve as suppliers. Whether via a conference call, or a face to face meeting, we will ensure we make time to run through each event.