Partner Venues


As well as working on a wide range of events across the country, we are the full time in house contractor for several UK venues. These relationships have offered us a wealth of knowledge around what aids venues to sell, deliver and retain clients.

Importantly we understand that as a venue, you have a client, and we need to surpass their expectations as well as yours. When working with a venue we are aware that what we produce impacts on how successful that venue will be at retaining that contract for future events.

By partnering with venues we aim to reduce the workload of their sales teams, offer concepts and design ideas for event spaces, and support venues in successfully winning and delivering events.

How we ensure that we are THE external contractor that you want to open your doors to:

Warwick Event Services recently conducted a survey of Event Centres across the UK, asking how they feel about working with external Production and AV companies. While there was a lot of positive feedback, there was also some negative. The following are excerpts are from these responses:

-Expensive to our Clients, which put them of the venue as they see the costs as one

-Clumsy staff that damage the venue

-Inconsiderate when loading in and cause problem in the loading bay

-Obstructive rather than creative, clearly always looking to make more money and charge for small additions

-They tend to get in the way of our internal teams setting up, and often run late 

We aim to deliver the opposite of this list in every venue we work in.

When we are working in your event space, it is vital that we fit with your priorities, and that we are the production team that you as a venue love working with. Many of our clients have been introduced to us by venues, and so your view of us, as a Production Company, is very important.

When working in a venue we will ensure that:

-All H&S and corresponding documents are sent across for your review in advance

-All CDM guidelines for your venue are followed

-Access if pre-established with yourselves and parking details confirmed

-Our team are briefed on the venue and any set up parameters

-Contact information is sent to you for our team managers on site


Sales Team Support

The visuals and floor plans that we produce aim to highlight to clients the opportunities and considerations to take note of when planning their event.

We work with venues to develop a complete working knowledge of their spaces, to ensure the advice and designs we suggest are feasible and accurate.

We will also work with you and your client’s deadlines and budgets.

While we can provide a ‘quick quote’ when your clients need, we base our proposals on having a good understanding of an events aims and parameters. We love to work face to face, and will come and see clients and join venues on site visits whenever invited. 

These relationships are vital, to ensure your clients can trust in our ability to deliver.

Rather than focusing simply on what we are providing, we are invested in the wider success of the whole event.

Creating a bank of production documents for your venue:

We understand that having documents ready to send to clients without delay is imperative when looking to sell venue space. Therefore we ensure all Partner Venues have a full body of files available, and we work with each location to keep these updated and current to the event spaces.

We are able to produce for our Partner Venues:

-Detailed site surveys of all venue event spaces

-Full CAD plans, showing event spaces to scale with ceiling heights, electrical distribution and rigging plans

-Set up concepts for conferences and dinners, with associated seating capacities

-Exhibition floor plans, including catering stations and with consideration to footfall and good delegate flow

-Stage set visuals, of designs that we know will work in the space

-Update and amend plans and designs for bespoke client requirements, showing how their event would work well in your space. 

Commission & Recommendation:

 As a thank you to our Partner Venues for recommending us to their clients we offer a commission on all pre-booked event charges to the end user. This is issued in the form on a credit note, to ensure full transparency for onward charging is maintained for you, the venue. 

In addition, we work with a wide range of clients and PCOs, and will recommend our Partner Venues to them for their future events.