Hybrid & Virtual Event Production

Virtual and Hybrid refer to how your audience engages with you.

"Working with WCE was just easy when it came to delivering virtually. All the team enthuse dedication and professionalism, and adapt well to the last minute curve-balls that our client threw at us. Highly recommended"


In this time of uncertainty, a question we are often asked is “How will Hybrid & Virtual work for my event?”  Understanding how your event goes from Live to Hybrid or Virtual can seem challenging, but the Hybrid & Virtual production solutions we offer ensure events are online replicas of your event, encompassing:

  • Full branding and sponsorship opportunities
  • Engaging, informative & communicative
  • Seamless production quality

It is also important to note that our Hybrid & Virtual events have been taking place for years. This has enabled wider accessibility, international participation and a reduced carbon footprint of delegate travel. Now more than ever our experience and skill set’s in delivering superior online events offers you, our client, the solution you need.

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